Fitspiration on Social Media: Is It Helping or Hurting Your Health Goals?

Screenshot taken from my Instagram poll @eveorrickj
Image by Social Cut on UnSplash
Image from The Mirror
  1. The ‘truth’ is not the truth. Influencers have access to all the tools in order to change their photos before they press upload. Seen through various celebrities, what you see online isn’t always the an accurate representation. These fitness ‘celebrities’ have crafted and curated an image of themselves and their brand. Their photos are sharp, colourful and vibrant, alongside modelling a full face of makeup and wearing little clothing. This overall image creates the façade of perfection. These ‘fitness’ influencers lack general information regarding training and nutrition. This 2014 Men’s Health article contributes to the discussion that female fitness influencers are posting pictures of their physiques rather than educating within the world of fitness.
Image from @krissycela Instagram
My collage of ‘influencers’ promoting dieting on Instagram
Fitness Instagrammer’s bios
  1. Preamble
  2. Seek truth and report it
  3. Minimise harm
  4. Act independently
  5. Be accountable and transparent



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Eve Orrick


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